Legal and Social Policy

The Centre has a strong association with many departments across the University which allows it to draw on expertise across a range of disciplines relevant to CCS science, policy and economics.

Our Research

In today’s political climate, carbon policy is uncertain. There is general acceptance that deep cuts in CO2 emissions will be required of society in general, but inevitably with a major focus on major carbon emitters such those related to fossil fuels, power generation and energy-intensive industries. The Peter Cook Centre is a multidisciplinary research centre which crosses traditional discipline boundaries to provide access to expertise in carbon mitigation technology and address the legal, social and economic issues that will be critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the future.

Research Leaders

Dr. Sara Bice

Project leader, Research Translation

Sara Bice is a social scientist and Director of Research Translation for the Melbourne School of Government. In 2016, she was named one of four inaugural Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Research Fellows. She is President-Elect of the International Association for Impact Assessment and serves as a civil society representative on Australia’s first multi-stakeholder group for the implementation of the Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative. She’s spent much of her career working with communities, corporations and government affected by mining, oil and gas projects to reduce social impacts and improve policy outcomes.


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