The Peter Cook Seminar Series - 15 Mar 2019

Dr Tristan Lambert presents Dynamic Modelling of Whole Chain Carbon Capture and Storage: An update on the dynamic CCS modelling platform.

Seminar Information

Presenter: Dr Tristan Lambert

Tristan graduated from Monash University in 2016 with PhD in Chemical Engineering, with a focus on process modelling, process integration, design and optimisation. This focussed on the flexible operation of gas power plants with carbon capture and solar thermal energy to investigate possible economic and operational strategies to improve performance. Since graduating he has worked in laboratory safety and training as an independent consulted in software modelling before taking up a role as Project Manager for the Dynamic Modelling of Carbon Capture and Storage at the University of Melbourne.

Location: ChemEng Theatre, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Building 165.

Time:  11:00am to 12.00pm

Date: Friday 15th March 2019