Centre Advisory Board

The Centre Advisory Board is an expert panel to provide overarching advice on the Centre’s storage and capture research programmes, to monitor the research progress and to discuss national and international developments in CCS and emerging opportunities for the Peter Cook Centre.

The Centre Advisory Board meets twice a year and is composed of national and international experts from government, industry and academia.


Assoc. Prof Malcolm Garratt (Chairman, The University of Melbourne)
Prof. Peter Cook (The University of Melbourne)
Dr Andrew Heap (Geoscience Australia)
Mr Kevin Dodds (ANLEC R&D)
Prof John Burgess (BCIA)
Mr Karl Gerdes (Consultant-USA)
Dr Matthias Raab (CO2CRC)
Mr Geoff Gay (Energy Australia)
Mr Alex Zapantis (GCCSI)
Dr Bryan Lovell (Cambridge University)
Mr Ian Filby (CarbonNet, Victorian Government)
Mr John Krbaleski (Department of Resources, Victoria Government)
Dr Graham Winkelman (BHP)
Prof Sally Benson (Standford University)
Prof Mark Hargreaves (The University of Melbourne)